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The 5 kinds of TLDs available on the Internet
Internet users are familiar with the .com Top Level Domain, by far the most popular TLD. There are also other TLDs like .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name .areo etc. These domains are called gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains). Next to the gTLDs there are also ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domains). These are the two-letter TLDs that represent the nations of the world, like, .us, .ca, .uk, or .fr. There about 200 of these ccTLDs. But there are also cTLDs (Corporate Top Level Domains) and pTLDs (Public Top Level Domains) available on the Internet.

  In total there are 5 kinds of TLDs available on the Internet:
(country code TLDs) authorized registrar: IANA
Two letter labels are reserved as country code identifiers under ISO 3166. Two character codes will only be delegated to a competent government authority associated with that code. It is not possible to register any ccTLDs.
(generic TLDs) authorized registrar: ICANN
Generic TLDs will only be delegated by ICANN to a selected group of companies against high costs. Currently is extreme difficult to register gTLDs. The rules to register domain names under gTLDs are different for each registry.
(corporate TLDs) authorized registrars: UN1D, TLD.NAME, The TLD Registry, Marssoft and AccesoLibre!
Corporate TLDs will exclusively be delegated to corporations that would like to secure their name on the Internet through various approved and accredited TLD Registrars. Only corporations can register a cTLDs.
(public TLDs) authorized registrars: UN1D, TLD.NAME, The TLD Registry, Marssoft and AccesoLibre!
Registering a public TLD is available to everyone and is based on First Come, First Served (FCFS) system through various many approved and accredited TLD Registrars. Most Public TLDs have on-line registries available that allows anyone to register domain names.
(dormant TLDs)
dTLDs are not available and do not have any domain names. dTLDs are reserved for future use. Just registered TLDs are default dormant TLDs. However when the TLD is starting to resolve domain names etc., the TLD is no longer dormant. The TLD will become one of the other TLDs mentioned above.

Currently all Internet users world wide, are able to see all the above mentioned TLDs because Public-Root resolves all TLDs on a global scale. Internet users, who still resolve from the ICANN/USG Root are limited to access gTLDs and ccTLDs only.  

Some TLDs are referred to as Corporate TLDs. When the name of the TLD is the same as the COMPANY/TRADE NAME of a company, or if the name of a TLD is the same as a BRAND NAME then this TLD is called Corporate TLD. Usually Corporate TLDs have no on-line registry available that allows anyone to register domain names.

Some fine examples of Corporate TLDs are:

  Corporate TLD: .kia
Kia Motors Corporation, based in Seoul, South Korea, is among the world's fastest growing automobile companies and aims to be a top five global automaker by 2010. Kia's 15 manufacturing and assembly operations in 12 countries make more than a million vehicles a year that are sold and serviced through a network of distributors and dealers covering 190 countries. Kia today has 30,000 employees and annual revenues of $12 billion. Kia was one of the first to be the registrant of a Corporate TLD.

  Corporate TLD: .tiscali
Tiscali is a Pan-European company with local presence in most of the European countries. Tiscali's international network, which is completely operated and controlled by the company, is designed for failsafe operation and deploys the latest IP and ATM technologies for very fast routing. Initially established as a regional telephone operator and Internet Service Provider (ISP), Tiscali rapidly expanded its operations throughout Europe, differentiating itself from its competitors with innovative services and marketing strategies. Tiscali is rooted in this new multicultural, multiethnic Europe and South Africa through its introduction of new ways of acting, planning, communicating, and doing business.

  Corporate TLD: .saab
Saab Automobile AB with its head office is Trollhättan, Sweden, has currently 7,032 employees. Saab is marketing and selling cars in more than 60 countries worldwide. The most important markets are: USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, France, The Netherlands and Norway. International and Diplomat sales, IDS, accounts for considerable volume and could well be seen as one of the top markets.

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