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Email-2 is the successor to email. Email-2 also known as Second Generation Email uses different protocols than existing systems. However Email-2 is fully compatible with existing email technologies. The Email-2 protocol enables the exchange of messages between these two platforms.

Email-2 has many advantages including sender verification, its Spam free, and it works nicely with your existing email client.
Email-2 users have the guarantee that the sender of an email is the one mentioned as the sender box of the received email.

Relax, with Email-2 you are Spam free. Email-2 is not a Spam filter. Email-2 Servers will prevent Spam by blocking spammers through special developed proprietary technology, the quarantine technology and unique Spam Protection System (SPS) firewalls your email from abusers.

Email-2 is much more then technology. Email-2 employs human operators to moderate bulk mails in your inbox. Unknown senders are vetted to ensure the highest communications standards and quality of service to you.

This email solution is suited to the professional user and busy executive. This is a managed email solution that provides you peace of mind. Email-2 will be available early 2009.

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