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Frequently asked Questions.

The INAIC is a public information resource for Internet users worldwide and we welcome your question and comments. If there are any issues we have not addressed please click here and help us build our FAQ. Contributions from the Internet community are always welcomed. The "Six Most Frequently Asked Questions" are on the main page of the INAIC web site, the rest is displayed here.

When will my local ISP resolve the Next Generation Internet?
Many already do. If not, you can quickly and easily enable your office network or home PCs to participate on the Next Generation Internet. To find out if you are already able to resolve the Next Generation Internet click here.

Major backbone Internet Service Providers around the world continue to enable the resolution of the Next Generation Internet for their subscribers by resolving DNS from the Public-Root system. More join each day, and many more smaller, local and regional ISPs upgrade their customer offerings every day.

If you tested your capability above to see the Next Generation Internet and did not receive a failure during the test, relax, there's nothing you need to do since you are already enabled. If not, you can contact your ISP to find out when they will be upgrading their service.

ISPs are businesses, and cater to the simple principle of supply and demand. If they know that their customers want certain services as part of their subscriptions for Internet Services, they will provide it. After all, that's what they're in business for.

You don't have to wait until your provider upgrades their service though. You can use another provider, or you can simply upgrade your local machines or network to see the Next Generation Internet yourself through a couple of quick and easy steps. In two minutes you'll have access to the entire Inclusive Name Space of the Next Generation Internet by directly resolving from the Public-Root system.

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