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Frequently asked Questions.

The INAIC is a public information resource for Internet users worldwide and we welcome your question and comments. If there are any issues we have not addressed please click here and help us build our FAQ. Contributions from the Internet community are always welcomed. The "Six Most Frequently Asked Questions" are on the main page of the INAIC web site, the rest is displayed here.

What are the rules for registration of TLDs in the Public-Root?

Once a TLD is registered, it is then entered into the Public-Root and begins resolving in the DNS. The Public-Root does not support or provide for the registration services of SLDs. This is the responsibility of the TLD Registrant/Operator and/or the Registry/Operator, and also depends upon the charter of the TLD - i.e., whether SLD registrations are accepted publicly or if a restricted or corporate charter exists for the TLD.

Recommended standards for the management of DNS space in TLDs chartered for private corporate use are published by the Uniform Corporate Domain Authority (UCDA)

Special operational standards for organizations seeking to offer public registrations for TLDs exist and must be adhered to - including registry operations and disaster recovery contingency plans.


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