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Frequently asked Questions.

The INAIC is a public information resource for Internet users worldwide and we welcome your question and comments. If there are any issues we have not addressed please click here and help us build our FAQ. Contributions from the Internet community are always welcomed. The "Six Most Frequently Asked Questions" are on the main page of the INAIC web site, the rest is displayed here.

Who controls the Public-Root and the Next Generation Internet?

The Internet users do. The concept behind the Public-Root is simple. Resolve all known, operational Top-Level Domains on the planet - not just the gTLDs, but ALL TLDs. This is called the Inclusive Name Space.

The Next Generation Internet is the sum of all known technologies, name spaces, protocols and features available to the participating consumer of Internet services. The myriad of features on the Next Generation Internet are governed by the demand created by the sum of each and every individual participant, machine, provider, and software application accessing this open environment.

The Internet and it's DNS system is capable of providing telecomunications services that most people have only begun to exploit, such as communications and control methodologies with toaster ovens, cellular telephones, mobile and personal computing devices, etc. The Next Generation Internet endeavors to support all experimental and emerging technologies as they become available as demanded by the community of its participating members - whether human, oranization, or machine.

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