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The INAIC Council.
The INAIC Council is composed of seven independent volunteers. The Council approves, creates and delegates new Top-Level Domains (TLDs) in the Public-Root. These requests are initiated by any of the official TLD Registrars.

All TLD requests to the INAIC Council are processed in a non-discriminatory fashion and all requesting TLD managers or registrants are treated as equals. This means that the same rules apply to all requests.

The INAIC Council shall not refuse to approve any new TLD, except for TLDs that might cause technical, legal, practical, or any other conflict. The INAIC Council secures the universal resolvability of TLDs in the Public-Root through First Come First Served (FCFS) delegations.

The INAIC Council is dedicated to promoting the core principles of the Internet community. These core principles include the stability of the domain name system, competition in the market place, and bottom-up consensus building.

The functions and processes, under which the INAIC Council operates, are fair and non-discriminatory, open, transparent and accountable to the global Internet community. The INAIC Council supports and encourages decentralized methods of Internet governance that provide for the inclusive representation of the global network constituency.

The INAIC Council does not act as a judicial authority or dispute resolution body. In the event of a dispute as to the rights to a particular TLD label the INAIC shall have no role or responsibility other then to provide contact information to both parties.

The party making an application for a TLD must provide the INAIC Council with assurance that the delegation of a TLD does not violate the intellectual or electronic property rights of a third party.

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