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The INAIC Council Members.
The INAIC Council is composed of seven independent volunteers charged with the delegation of new Top-level Domains (TLDs) in the Public-Root. The INAIC Council is dedicated to promoting the inclusive participation of the global Internet community in the Domain Name System (DNS).

The INAIC Council is always looking for professional, qualified applicants to serve in a voluntary capacity. Members of the Internet community are invited to participate on the Council. Please contact us if you wish to be considered to serve as a Council member.

INAIC Council Member 1

1) Justin Lorne Kaufman

Justin Lorne Kaufman was born in Montreal, Canada. He is a co-founder of CompiledMedia Networks, an Internet networking and software development company. Among his experience in the business world, he is studying computer science at LaSalle College. Mr. Kaufman is proud to be a volunteer at the Internet Names Authorization & Information Center and will continue to volunteer in the future to support the public DNS.

Justin Kaufman is a former Root Server Operator (RSO) for the E.ROOT server. During this time, he has been involved in many projects such as PDRS (Public Domain Registrar Suite), web hosting for individuals and companies, and the development of a stand-alone WHOIS. Through out the past ten years, he has become proficient in Linux, DNS, and PHP. Mr. Kaufman is also the holder of the .LAN and .WAN TLDs, which will be used in future projects for the benefit of the Internet users at large.

INAIC Council Member 2

2) Rhio Hartawan

Rhio Hartawan graduated from the Indonesian Naval Academy in 1991 and became a naval aviator and test pilot who commanded fighter squadrons in many rescue operations, such as the rescue operation during the Tsunami flooding in Aceh – Sumatra in December 2004. During this mission he became a hero among heroes, demonstrating superior qualities of leadership, physical strength, and mental acumen.

Rhio resumed his distinguished naval career, rising swiftly through the ranks, and being named to such prestigious positions as Commander of the Ambon Fleet, Superintendent of the Naval Academy, and Chief of Naval Personnel. Rhio credits much of his ability to easily adapt to new situations to his strong family ties, his youth in Jakarta, his experiences at the Indonesian Naval Academy (where he served as brigade commander and mastered five different computer programming languages), and to the love and support of his wife Tiar.

INAIC Council Member 3

3) Gerth van Roden, BS.

Mr. Gerth van Roden was born in the Netherlands in 1948. After various studies Gerth started in 1967 his career as a reporter for a national Dutch newspaper. In 1972 he became president of a photo-press agency.

In 1975 Van Roden became treasurer of the Dutch Association of Photo Journalists (NVF) and in 1987 he became President of the Federation of European Photographers (FEP). Late 1994 Mr. van Roden completed his study and got his title in Communication Science.

Currently Gerth van Roden is an independent communication and design advisor and finances a number of private funds.

INAIC Council Member 4

4) Jos Schrauwen, BS.

Mr. Schrauwen is an experienced senior Software Engineer. After finishing his study at the HTS Computer Science in Enschede Mr. Schrauwen started his career at Akzo-Nobel where he developed a Computer Aided Instruction program in a time that Multimedia systems were unimaginable. At a very early stage, Jos Schrauwen discovered the fascinating world of Web-development for Internet purposes.

Currently Jos Schrauwen works for Reed Business Information and is responsible for the company's Access and Entitlement system. A central system providing web-services to publishers. This is an advanced system that authorizes customers to protected specific content on their web sites.

Beside his family and his drum kit, Mr. Schrauwen is devoted to Internet related developments.

INAIC Council Member 5

5) Dirk Laureyssens, BS.

Mr. Laureyssens was born in 1950 in Belgium. After his studies he joined the Federal Ministry of Economy, and i.e. participated as Benelux representative in textile negotiations at the European Commission.

From 1985 Mr. Laureyssens was involved in the development of start-up companies in toy and games, software (i.e. 3ivx video compression) and electronics. Currently Mr. Laureyssens is Master in Social and Political Sciences, and is an independent Intellectual Property consultant.

In addition Dirk Laureyssens is inventor and he holds a wide range of patents.

INAIC Council Member 6

6) P.J.S.I. Scheepers, BS.

Mr. Scheepers studied at the HTS Computer Science in Enschede, The Netherlands. He brings his experience as the co-founder and technical manager of a software research & development division of a large corporation. Mr. Scheepers was the Director of Sales & Business Development for Impress Software.

Mr. Scheepers has many academic credentials and was the former director of Public-Root Ltd.

INAIC Council Member 7

7) Pranav Bhatt, BS.

After becoming a Bachelor of Science in the field of Computer Mathematics at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India in 1996, Mr. Bhatt graduated from the University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia in 1998 and became Master of Information System (System Analysis & Design (SAD)). Today, Mr. Bhatt is the Director of Pinnacle Technosys, Baroda, India, a company with strong ambitions to make its name in the field of Information Technology and Web-technology. In 2003 Pinnacle Technosys became one of the first Public DNS Providers in India and in 2007 Mr. Bhatt was elected to INAIC Council member.

Pranav Bhatt has over six years of experience with Java and .NET in developing software solutions as a programmer and analyst. His expertise includes Java, J2EE Technologies, UML, XML/XSL, Servlet, PHP, Perl, JSP, JDBC, HTML and JavaScript. He worked extensively on Together Control Center 4.2+, Eclipse, Enterprise Architecture, Rational Rose,Win CVS, Starteam, Maven, Ant, Junit, Weblogic Application Server 5+, Jakarta Tomcat 3+ and Jboss Application Server 2.2+. ASP. Net , C# (Upgrading.)

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