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Internet2 Upgrade Tool V3.2
The Public-Root resolves all TLDs and available domains on the global Internet. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does not resolve the Public Root you won't be able to surf the Next Generation Internet. Don't Panic! Microsoft Windows users who want to resolve the Public-Root can now quickly switch over to the Next Generation Internet by downloading and installing the Internet2.exe V3.2 upgrade kit.
Download the Internet2.exe V3.2 Upgrade for:
All Microsoft Windows Systems.

Internet2.exe was developed to assist users in their transition to the Public-Root system. Internet2.exe modifies your computers DNS settings by locating the fastest and closest public DNS in your network neighborhood.

The Internet2 Upgrade needs to be run only once. It will search and test several public DNS Servers at different locations. The program then updates your DNS settings with the 2 fastest public DNS servers of 2 different IP address ranges available on the net.

The Internet2 tool can be run as often as you want. Every time you execute it, it will always look for, test and assigns the 2 fastest DNS servers available to your PCs. You only need to execute it once. Of course you can also delete it after use.


The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) guarantees that Internet2 has no ad ware or spy ware. Is not a plug-in and does not use any extra memory. Internet2 will edit your Windows system file by updating your networks name server IP addresses.

  Upgrading your PC is easy and fun, so there's no harm in trying it out.

You'll be amazed and astonished to see what you've been missing. You now have access to web sites online with extensions you could never see before. The Next Generation Internet has the largest DNS footprint in the world.

Many large corporations like Saab, Tiscali, Brinks and Kia operate TLDs on the Public-Root. You now can visit web sites like bbc.world and automobile.saab.

Please click here to test if you or your ISP are connected to the Public Internet. If not then it's about time that you upgrade your PC and joined the revolution. Download and upgrade your PC now!
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