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IPv6, the Next Generation Internet protocol.

The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) and the Public-Root are IPv6 compliant.

IPv6 is the Next Generation Internet Protocol that provides trillions more addresses than the existing IPv4 system is in use today. It’s also more secure then IPv4 and allows operators a lot of flexibility in the management of networks and devices.

The development of the IPv6 protocol has diversified how users access the Internet. As public awareness of IPv6 functionality and benefits spread so does the demand. IPv6 is also backward compatible with existing protocols.

The key transition objective of the protocol is to allow IPv6 and IPv4 hosts to interoperate. A second objective is to allow IPv6 hosts and routers to be deployed in a highly diffused and incremental fashion, with few interdependencies. A third objective is that the transition should be as easy as possible for end-users, system administrators, and network operators.

The Public-Root system integrates full support for IPv6 AAAA name server address records for Top-Level Domains (TLDs). The INAIC recognizes the importance of IPv6 to the Internet community and is committed to innovation by empowering TLD operators with IPv6 addressing to support their transition to the Next Generation Internet.

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