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Manual Upgrade.
These instructions guide users of Mac Operating Systems on upgrading their DNS settings to resolve the Next Generation Internet and the Public-Root system.
arrow1arrow   Go your TCP/IP Control Panel and open it. If you have any values entered in the "Name Server Address" fields, record the server addresses and details in case you want to later restore your original configuration.
arrow2arrow   In the "Name Server Address" fields type in the following IPv4 addresses: and You also can add up to three name server addresses to your "DNS". Then use public DNS servers that are closest to your geographical region.
arrow3arrow   Make sure you've completely gotten rid of the name servers you had listed in the "Name Server Address" fields (if any) or this will not work correctly.
arrow4arrow   Click here to test your configuration.
arrow5arrow   Welcome, you are now resolving the Public-Root system.
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