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More About the INAIC
The INAIC is a global center that implements and develops policies on the coordination of the Internet's core technical elements. These elements used to resolve Top-Level Domains (TLDs) are essential to the proper operation of the domain name system (DNS).

The INAIC is a democratic organization that operates in an open and transparent basis to ensure the equal participation of all stakeholders. Policies developed by the INAIC are implemented through consensus or agreement.

Traditionally the administration of the Internet domain system was by informal or unwritten agreements. As the Internet evolved and grew in commercial importance and complexity it became apparent that an organization was needed to co-ordinate the delegation of TLD labels and associated technical elements. The INAIC was founded to address these issues and develop minimum standards for policy and formal agreements.

One of the INAIC's mandates is to work with other organizations involved in the technical coordination of the Internet. The INAIC formalizes agreements with these organizations to document their participation and commitment to the Public-Root system.

The INAIC has established formal agreements with leading international corporations.UN1D, TLD.NAME, and UCDA, are a few of many organizations that have formalized arrangements with the INAIC. These agreements have launched new Corporate TLDs such as .saab, .tomtom, and .brinks. Other agreements provide for public access TLDs like .airport, .news, and .town.

Register.World is an accredited domain name registrar by the INAIC, providing open public access to hundreds of new domains on the next generation Internet. Today, hundreds of Public interest registries have already been accredited by the INAIC.

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  * The INAIC is the representative body for the next generation Internet DNS system globally supported by Public-Root, UN1D, TLD.NAME, UCDA, and many more.
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