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Multilingual TLDs.

The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) supports research and development efforts into protocols and TLDs. The Public-Root is resolving Multilingual TLDs (or iTLDs) since end 2005. A number of Chinese TLDs where registered and are resolving fine. Hans Bakker, former director of Public-Root Ltd., established a Multilingual Top-Level Domain Task Force in order to develop dedicated multilingual software to enable the global registration of multilingual TLDs for all languages.

In 2007 the Multilingual project was completed and UN1D was the first TLD Registrar in the world to make the on-line registration of Multilingual TLDs available to everyone.

The Multilingual TLD Project utilizes protocols developed at the IETF to support Internationalized Domain Names. Multilingual TLDs and IDNs empower users and providers through multilingual language support. Users navigate the Internet in any language and web developers can reach and advertise to target audiences in their local script.

Internationalized Top Level Domains (iTLDs) or Multilingual TLDs are the next logical step in the integration of IDN into the domain name system (DNS).

500 million people around the world are online daily but only one-third of them speaks English as a native language. iTLDs empower these users by giving them a convenient mechanism to access web sites in their preferred language. iTLDs will be an important factor in the transformation of the Internet into a truly global and multilingual resource.

Trademark holders will also benefit from Multilingual TLDs. Brand recognition is enhanced through Multilingual TLDs making the securing of trademarks and other intellectual property no longer dependent on the English language.


What can iTLDs do for you?

* Reach target audience more effectively by communicating in their preferred language.
* Protect, strengthen, and extend existing brand, trademarks and identify; secure brand equity in local markets.
* Eliminate any confusion on brand communication.
* Improve the customer's navigation experience.
* Create global utility that adheres to international standards and leverages DNS; stable and reliable.
* iTLDs enable you to extend and protect your online identity in local markets around the world.
* iTLDs enable you to more effectively reach your target markets in your customers' preferred language and script by eliminating the need to translate or transliterate your brand into English characters for use as an Internet address.
* iTLDs are based on international standards to allow everyone, everywhere to navigate the Internet in their preferred language.
* iTLDs are powered by a global infrastructure.


The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) continues to support research and development efforts into protocols and TLDs.

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