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The INAIC Council announces an addition to the Inclusive Name Space (INS).

The INAIC Council is charged with the approval of creation of new TLDs. The INAIC Council consist of seven individuals who volunteered to assist INAIC with this difficult task. The Council can be best compared with a
Jury in a court room.

In order to create a TLD yourself, please contact one of the approved and accredited TLD Registrars.

Due to the continuous growth of the Internet, the following TLDs were added to the Inclusive Name Space (INS).

New Public TLD (pTLD): .FACEBOOK registered through Internet2TLDs ( http://http://internet2tlds.com/ )
New Public TLD (pTLD): .STEN registered though TLD.NAME ( http://tld.name )
New Public TLD (pTLD): .PERSIA registered though TLD.NAME ( http://tld.name )
Public TLD WHOIS Updated: 01-06-2012 20:01


Please note: it may take up to 48 hours to propagate the DNS information to all the public DNS Servers in the world to resolve the TLD mentioned above.

To review the details of new TLDs or other TLDs please use the Global TLD WHOIS available by clicking the link.

Stay focused on New TLDs, the Next Generation Internet, Inclusive Name Space and Public-Root, the INAIC invites you to subscribe to TLD-News

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