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Public Internet Access.
The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) anticipates a majority of Internet users will resolve the Next Generation Internet in 2 years. The Next Generation Internet is so pervasive, reliable and transparent that we'll all just take it for granted. It's a seamless part of life on the Internet. Much like electricity or running water.

There is a simple method to discover if you already have access the Next Generation Internet
Governments, corporations and educators use the term "Next Generation Internet" to describe the future of networks. Resolving the entire domain name system (DNS) is a big part of it. The Public-Root enables you to see and visit ALL domains under ALL TLDs anywhere in the world. Resolving domains in the Public-Root is not dependent on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) supporting the service.

If your ISP is not connected to the Next Generation Internet then a simple and quick upgrade to your computer's configuration will get you online. If you are using an ISP who is still resolving the deprecated root, you may not be able to take advantage of everything that the Next Generation Internet has to offer.
Check here to see if you are connected to the Next Generation Internet
  The Next Generation Internet incorporates the existing DNS with the largest domain name system in the world. The Public-Root system replaces your DNS without the need to connect to a separate physical network.

If you are an ISP that would like more information about enabling your DNS Servers to resolve the Public-Root system, please click here.

If a flashing error sign is displayed in the box to the right, your computer is not connected to the Public-Root system. If this is the case you can contact your Internet Service Provider to find out when they will upgrade their service.

You also have the option of upgrading your PC to gain instant and immediate access to the entire Internet.

If you get an ERROR this is what you can do:

  1. send an email to your ISP and wait until your ISP upgrade the DNS Servers. Once they do, you be able to see and surf the whole Internet. No more access restrictions.
  2. You can upgrade your Microsoft Windows PC with the Internet V2.0 software kit. Click here for more instructions.
  3. You can manually upgrade your PC. Click here for more details.

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  * The INAIC is the representative body for the next generation Internet DNS system globally supported by Public-Root, UN1D, TLD.NAME, UCDA, and many more.
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