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Technical Support desk.
The INAIC Technical Support desk is available to assist you with questions about the public Internet, public DNS and other related technical issues. We encourage you to use our online web form to submit your query. This guarantees the INAIC has the correct pertinent information needed to answer your question.

Please complete the form below so the Technical Support desk can quickly respond and answer your questions.

1.  Fill in the information in the form below
2.  Click on Submit
3.  To start over, click on Reset
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Type a detailed and accurate description of your question or remark. Please report any relevant data that is related to your message e.g. the provider you are using or Operating System etc."  

Access to and use of this helpdesk is a privilege, and it should be treated as such by all users.
If you use this helpdesk in ways that it was not intended for, your access to the helpdesk will be revoked.

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