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TLD Registrar application.

Become a TLD Registrar.

TLDs are registered through approved and accredited TLD Registrars. The INAIC invites you to become an accredited TLD Registrar. Anyone may apply. Please apply by using the form below.

As a TLD Registrar you are required to have a website available to enable users to online check and register TLDs. The INAIC developed a neutral registration web page including a TLD WHOIS for online registration of TLDs on your website. A dedicated payment gateway can be used to charge your customers. This web page including the payment gateway pages can be emailed to you as soon as your application is approved. You need to modify the look and feel of these pages in order to match your corporate identity.

The TLD WHOIS is used by visitors to check the availability of TLDs. You can simply implement the TLD WHOIS on your existing website. You could also use any standard WHOIS client that is using the Global TLD WHOIS Server at whois.inaic.net (port 43 ). The TLD WHOIS returns the information of a TLD Registrant or it will show that the TLD does not exist and is available for registration. 

The INAIC TLD Registrar Committee (TLDRC) will check your application. To qualify as TLD Registrar your website needs to be representative, clear and descriptive. Your website needs to contain at least the TLD WHOIS or the TLD registration page connected to the payment gateway.

As an approved and accredited TLD Registrar it is not allowed to display any information, that might confuse or shock visitors. You also need to have a working support email address clearly visible on your site. You are not allowed to Register TLDs for less than the fixed TLD Registration fee applicable for pTLDs and cTLDs. The current TLD Registration fee is $1000.- United Stated Dollars (USD) only. If you use another currency please check the latest exchange rates at xe.com on a regular basis. Note: There are special TLD Registration fees for educational purposes and single character TLDs.

For every TLD that is registered through your website, you will receive a default 25% TLD Registrar Fee. That would be $ 250.- for every registered and approved TLD. By becoming a TLD Registrar you can easily generate extra turnover with no investment at all!

Please bear in mind that the INAIC is not selling or registering anything. The INAIC is a non-profit public consulting agency. The INAIC offers its services free of charge in order to provide people from all nations with an equal opportunity to become an approved and accredited TLD Registrar. There are no fees involved to become a TLD Registrar. The INAIC is a non-profit public consulting agency. The INAIC is maintaining a global TLD WHOIS database and the INAIC Council is charged with the approval of new TLDs. Approved TLDs, registered through accredited TLD Registrars, will resolve in the Public-Root. The INAIC TLD Registrar Committee (TLDRC) is charged with the approval of TLD Registrar applications and is monitoring the quality of services offered by accredited TLD Registrars.

Simply submit the form below to apply. The TLDRC will consider your application in a non-discriminatory fashion. If your application is accepted you will receive a TLD Registrar Agreement, a web page and instructions. After your TLD Registry is approved (and the agreement is signed) you are an approved and accredited TLD Registrar. All TLD Registrars are treated as equals. As a TLD Registrar you are contributing to help building the Internet.

TLD Registrar Application
1.  Fill in the information in the form below
2.  Click on Submit
3.  To start over, click Reset
* indicates required fields
 * First Name:   
 * Last Name:   
Company Name:   
* Address:
* City:
* Zip:
* Country:
* Phone Number:
Cell Phone:
* Email:
"Please let us know what experience you have in the field of Marketing & Sales or E-commerce etc. etc." 
Why would you like to become a TLD Registrar?:
"We would like to know why you would like to become a TLD Registrar. Please note that when you are commercially involved with INAIC, Public-Root, ISA, UCDA or any other public Internet body, your application will be denied." 
"Please report any relevant data that may be important to your application. e.g. the kind of company you run, your experience with ISPs, or contact with other registrars etc. etc." 

Access to and use of this application form is a privilege, and it should be treated as such by all users.
If you use this form in ways that it was not intended for, your access will be revoked.

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