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TLD Registrars.
Currently there are 8 official organizations that delegate TLDs on the Internet. These organizations are recognized by the Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC). The Public-Root resolves all TLDs registered through any of these organizations.

ICANN is an organization authorized to delegate Generic TLDs (gTLDs)
New gTLDs are registered through ICANN based on proposals that are submitted to ICANN during specific application periods. Applications received during these rounds are evaluated against previously-published criteria, and those applicants who are successful become the Registrant of a new gTLD. The criteria and conditions to register gTLDs are subjected to change. The fee to register a gTLD will be set at a level which enables the full recovery of costs associated with ICANN. You can find more information on this process at http://www.icann.org/topics/gtld-strategy-area.html.

IANA is an organization authorized to delegate Country Code TLDs (ccTLDs)
Two-character TLDs are reserved as country code identifiers under ISO 3166. In determining whether a new ccTLD should be created, the IANA follows the ISO 3166-1 list as published by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency. The appointment of a ccTLD manager is done in consultation with the participating country and ICANN. The selection of the ISO 3166-1 list as a basis for ccTLDs was made with the knowledge that ISO has a politically neutral procedure for determining which entities should be and should not be on that list.

UN1D is an approved and accredited TLD Registrar to delegate Public TLDs (pTLDs) & Corporate TLDs (cTLDs)
UN1D is the successor of UNIDT and is an approved & accredited TLD Registrar that offers a quick and efficient means of registering pTLDs and cTLDs in the Public-Root. Corporate TLDs will be delegated to corporations that would like to secure their name on the Internet. Registering a Public TLD is available to everyone and is based on a First Come, First Served (FCFS) basis. Most Public TLDs have on-line Registries available that allows anyone to register domain names.

TLD.NAME is an approved and accredited TLD Registrar to delegate Public TLDs (pTLDs) & Corporate TLDs (cTLDs)
TLD.NAME is an accredited & approved TLD Registrar that allows anyone to on-line register new Top-Level Domains (TLDs). The Internet is growing and changing more rapidly than anyone could have predicted. TLD.NAME allows you or your organization to grow with it. The on-line TLD registration service and support staff facilitates your transition to the next generation Internet. Now any individual, group or organization are able to register TLDs and operate them.

GQnet is an approved and accredited TLD Registrar to delegate Public TLDs (pTLDs) & Corporate TLDs (cTLDs)
The Gymnasium Querfurt (known on the Web as GQBC) is a public High School in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. GQBC officially formed the GQ Network in 2009, and now offers public services for students and educational affiliates. GQnet provides an open TLD Registry and is accredited & approved by the Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC). The TLD Registry allows users to register TLDs online and in addition offers a free domain service to students.

NextGenTLDs is an approved and accredited TLD Registrar to delegate Public TLDs (pTLDs) & Corporate TLDs (cTLDs)
NextGenTLDs was established in June 2009 with a simple goal in mind: To provide leverage by offering TLD registration services for any individual or corporation seeking to have a unique address and branded identity on the Internet. Now you can establish that compelling online presence! We are focused to provide an excellent service to all our customers.
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NextGenTLDs

AccesoLibre! is an approved and accredited TLD Registrar to delegate Public TLDs (pTLDs) & Corporate TLDs (cTLDs)
AccesoLibre! began as a project of a group of Argentinean developers offering solutions from the implementation of new technologies. The AccesoLibre! Corporation was established in 2006 as a high-impact company ready to expand its services around the world. Today AccesoLibre! is a company specialized in developing comprehensive web applications for the next generation Internet. AccesoLibre! is the first Latin American organization certified by the INAIC to register and delegate TLDs.

Internet2TLDs is an approved and accredited TLD Registrar to delegate Public TLDs (pTLDs) & Corporate TLDs (cTLDs)
Internet2TLDs is a leading, global company providing registration services cTLDs and pTLDs to clients around the world. The headquarters of Internet2TLDs is based in Australia. Internet2TLDs does not only provide services to register simple and easy-to-remember cTLDs and pTLDs but also maintains dedicated sales and support teams that facilitate client's transformation to the Next Generation Internet. Experience the more than excellent service that Internet2TLDs has to offer and register your TLD today.

Please click here to find out how you can become an accredited TLD Registrar for the registration of pTLDs and cTLDs.
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