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The INAIC Upgrade Center - Tools and Software

Welcome to the INAIC's Upgrade center. Here you will find a wealth of information and tools for you and/or your ISP to facilitate your transition to the Next Generation Internet.

To gain access to the Next Generation Internet supported by the Public-Root system you will need to upgrade your PC or your Internet Service Provider must update their domain name systems (DNS). Whether you are a provider or home user the INAIC upgrade center enables your inclusion into the Next Generation Internet through several quick and easy methods.

You will be astonished to see how many web sites are on-line. You will discover domain names and web sites you could never access before.

Check here to see if you can already see the Next Generation Internet. If not, then its time to upgrade your PC or switch providers. After upgrading, you should be able to view ALL sites such as holy.city, automobile.saab and many more.

arrowarrowarrow Internet2 Upgrade Microsoft Windows Internet2 Upgrade tool allows users to connect their computers directly to the Next Generation Internet without a third party provider.
arrowarrowarrow Manual Upgrade Howto Instructions to users and system administrators on upgrading your DNS settings to access the Next Generation Internet.
arrowarrowarrow Root-Server Check Check the on-line status of all public Root-Servers in the world.
arrowarrowarrow Root-Server Locations World map with the locations of all public Root-Servers.
arrowarrowarrow IASON IASON is a Root Server Defense System designed to analyze data streams and recognize attacks.
arrowarrowarrow Root Standards Guidelines for root operators on the operational requirements of Public-Root Servers including host hardware capacities, name server software, network connectivity, and physical environment. Other zone server operators may also find this section useful.
arrowarrowarrow Volunteer to run a Root-Server Due to the overwhelming interest in the adoption of the Next Generation Internet, more and more Root-Servers are needed to be deployed. All Root-Servers are operated by volunteers.
arrowarrowarrow Name-Server Check

Check the on-line status of some important public access DNS-Servers resolving the Inclusive Name Space, which provide access to the Next Generation Internet via the Public-Root system.

arrowarrowarrow DNS Hint File How to upgrade your UNIX based Name Servers - for ISPs to resolve the Public-Root, in order to offer access to the Next Generation Internet to all Internet Users. (The latest Hint file).
arrowarrowarrow Registry Operations Reference guide on recommend registry operation procedures for public Top-Level Domains
arrowarrowarrow IPv6 Support IPv6 is version 6 of the Internet Protocol that was formally adopted for general use.
arrowarrowarrow Email-2 Second Generation Email to facilitate reliable communications and avoid Spam.
arrowarrowarrow TLD WHOIS client An example how to use the Global TLD WHOIS with a WHOIS client that can be easlily integrated in existing web sites .
arrowarrowarrow Pending TLD Scroller An example how to use the Pending TLD Scroller and intergrate it on you web site.
The Tools & Software section is updated frequently.
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