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Uniform Corporate Domain Authority (UCDA) Sets New Standard for the Next Generation Corporate Web Sites.
The Uniform Corporate Domain Authority (UCDA) has published recommended information standards for the uniform naming of resources under corporate Top-Level Domains (TLDs). The guidelines provide users of corporate TLDs with a means of finding and connecting to corporate resources using descriptive, predictable, straightforward and easy to remember domain names. UCDA uniform naming eliminates the use of search engines or third party directories in finding corporate resources.

UCDA welcomes comments, suggestions and additions to The Uniform Naming of Corporate TLDs. UCDA standards on The Uniform Naming of Corporate TLDs are published as information guides or recommendations on naming and are not technical specifications.
  Title: The Uniform Naming of Corporate Top-Level Domains
Status: Standards - Informational
Version: 1.0
Published: 1 October 2004

The Uniform Naming of Corporate Top-Level Domains


This document provides TLD operators with guidelines to the naming of corporate resources. These recommendations are informational and do not reflect any technical specifications or limitations on the operation or administration of corporate TLDs.

The primary goal of this information document is to assist corporate TLD operators in setting up a consistent name space that will be used for referring to resources. Uniform naming is used to create administrative boundaries in a domain system to distribute responsibility for resource allocation. These allocations can identify and provide users access to resources named by department or function within an organization.

These standards are not to be considered technical specifications by the Internet community. The standards defined by this document do not mandate a particular tree structure on the Corporate TLD. Nor are these standards to be considered rules for selecting domain labels in corporate TLDs.

THIS DOCUMENT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. This document is an open informational standard of The Uniform Corporate Domain Authority (UCDA). The Internet community may make contributions at any time to this document.


These guidelines provide recommendations on the labeling and delegation of second level domains within a corporate TLDs. User can find and connect to corporate resources using predictable, descriptive, and easy to remember domain names. UCDA uniform naming eliminates the use of search engines or third party directories in finding corporate resources.

A corporate domain name is composed of two labels. The first label is the second level domain or SLD, followed by a period “.”, and the next label is the TLD. A corporate domain name therefore is expressed in the form of <SLD>.<TLD>

The uniform naming information standards track recommends that operators of corporate TLDs reserve a number of SLD labels that identify specific departments, tasks or functions within an organization.

Policy for the use of uniform domain names under corporate TLDs (restricted TLDs). The UCDA welcomes suggestions for additional domain names as they directly pertain to INAIC's implementing a comprehensive strategy for selecting new public domain names using predictable, straightforward, transparent, descriptive and easy to remember names that preserve the stability of the public Internet.
Corporate domain name Purpose
  info.organization General organization info
home.organization Home page, general reception
  reception.organization Reception
  welcome.organization Reception
contact.organization General contact page
mail.organization General contact page
  order.organization Order department
  orders.organization Order department
sales.organization Sales portal
  product.organization Product info portal
  products.organization Product info portal
management.organization Management
  staff.organization Staff
  employees.organization Employees 
representative.organization Representatives
  mail.organization Mail department
production.organization Production
factory.organization Production
  new.organization News, announcements etc.
  news.organization News, announcements etc.
job.organization Job applications etc.
jobs.organization Job applications etc.
application.organization Job applications etc.
applications.organization Job applications etc.
  personnel.organization Personnel department
marketing.organization Marketing department
advertising.organization Marketing department
advertizing.organization Marketing department
publicity.organization Marketing department
  admin.organization Administration
  administration.organization Administration
billing.organization Billing department
  accounting.organization Accountancy
  accountancy.organization Accountancy
research.organization Research & Development
development.organization Research & Development
  security.organization Security
legal.organization Legal department
  help.organization Technical Support
  helpdesk.organization Technical Support
support.organization Product Support, Technical Support etc. 
  service.organization Services
  services.organization Services
www.organization General TLD info
  nic.organization Domain name registry (info)
  register.organization Domain name registry (info)
update.organization Product updates, software updates, other updates
updates.organization Product updates, software updates, other updates
  sponsor.organization Sponsoring
  sponsors.organization Sponsoring
lib.organization Library, documents etc.
library.organization Library, documents etc.
doc.organization Library, documents etc.
docs.organization Library, documents etc.
document.organization Library, documents etc.
documents.organization Library, documents etc.
  resource.organization Library, resources etc.
  resources.organization Library, resources etc.
union.organization Union related issues
  association.organization Staff association
club.organization Sports Clubs etc.
society.organization Sports Clubs etc.
  terms.organization Conditions of use
  conditions.organization Conditions of use
about.organization Organization info/goals etc
  location.organization Organization address(es)
webmaster.organization Web master area
  web.organization Web site overview, portal
  map.organization Web site overview, portal
  portal.organization Web site overview, portal
index.organization This list including other relavant domain names
list.organization This list including other relavant domain names
  Copyright (C) Uniform Corporate Domain Authority (2004). This document may not be modified, and derivative works of it may not be created, except to publish and to translate it into languages other than English. This document and the information contained herein are provided on an "AS IS" basis and THE UNIFORM DOMAIN AUTHORITY DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY THAT THE USE OF THE INFORMATION HEREIN WILL NOT INFRINGE ANY RIGHTS OR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  
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