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The INAIC Volunteers.
Volunteers play a very important role in almost everything related to the Internet. The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) also works with volunteers all over the world. Volunteers that contribute to the benefit of the Internet community at large.

Without volunteers, Internet probably would not be available to you right now!

All Internet users are welcome to join the INAIC and contribute to this fast changing Domain Name industry. The INAIC provides information about a brought range of subjects. That is why the INAIC is looking for volunteers for many aspects on various projects.

Please note that the INAIC is a professional organization and is looking for volunteers who would like to assist INAIC with these tasks.
  Volunteers Wanted:  
Moderators Volunteers wanted to correct outgoing messages
TLDRC Advisors Volunteers to support the TLD Registrar Committee (TLDRC) to check TLD Registries.
Helpdesk Volunteers that would like to help users with their questions
UCDA Advisors Check corporate web sites if it complies with the Uniform Corporate Domain Authority (UCDA) policy
HTML Designers Create new HTML pages for the INAIC web site.
PHP Script Writers Create all kinds of PHP scripts to support the INAIC and its volunteers.
Council Members People who would like to become a member of the INAIC Council (waiting list)
Root Operators Volunteers with knowledge about DNS that would like to run a Root-Server.
Think Tank People who are able to find solutions in fields where no man has gone before.

The INAIC volunteers will not receive any wages. However some volunteers will be compensated for made expenses, depending on the job and the nature of the expenses. If you are considering to become a volunteer because of the money, please do not consider to become a volunteer.

Simply submit the form below to volunteer. The INAIC will consider your offer and if your offer is accepted you will receive an INAIC Volunteer Agreement. After signing the Volunteer Agreement you are an official INAIC Volunteer contributing to help building the Internet.

Volunteer Now!
1.  Fill in the information in the form below
2.  Click on Submit
3.  To start over, click Reset
* indicates required fields
 * First Name:   
 * Last Name:   
Company Name:   
* Address:
* City:
* Zip:
* Country:
* Phone Number:
Cell Phone:
* Email:
* Internet Connection:
* Volunteer:
* Available Hardware:
Please let us know what hardware you have available. Some volunteers have to meet minimal workstation requirements." 
* Why would you like to be an INAIC volunteer?:
INAIC would like to know why you would volunteer. Please note that when you are commercially involved with an other public Internet body, your offer might be denied." 
Please report any relevant data that may be important. e.g. what company you run, the job that you have, or your Internet experience, etc." 

Access to and use of this volunteer form is a privilege, and it should be treated as such by all users.
If you use this form in ways that it was not intended for, your access will be revoked.

Thanks volunteers! Your labor, support, energy and ideas is what the Internet is made of.

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