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Manual Upgrade.
Microsoft Windows 95 Manual Upgrade instructions guide users of Microsoft Windows 95 operating systems on upgrading their DNS settings to resolve the Next Generation Internet and the Public-Root system.
arrow1arrow arrow Search your Microsoft Windows Desktop for the icon called Network Neighborhood. Point to it with your mouse and click the right mouse button. Select "Properties" from the pop up menu. This will start up your Network Control Panel.

In the Configuration tab of your Network Control Panel select the correct TCP/IP entry. Usually the one associated with your dial-up adapter or Ethernet card. When you have selected the TCP/IP driver click on Properties.

If you use more then one TCP/IP driver - you can always go back later and upgrade those after you finish testing your computer with your new configuration.

arrow3arrow Then choose the DNS Configuration tab. If the "DNS Server Search Order" fields contain any information - please record the details in case you want to later restore your original configuration.

Click on the Enable DNS radio button. If the Host and Domain fields contain values, leave them alone. If they are empty enter the name of your computer in the Host field or leave it blank.
arrow4arrow   In the "DNS Server Search Order" field, type in and or use public DNS servers that are closest to your geographical region.
arrow5arrow   Accept the changes and follow the prompts to reboot your computer. When your back online click here to test your configuration.
arrow6arrow   Welcome to the Next Generation Internet.
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